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Hi! I’m currently studying game design at Future Games and is looking for an internship for the fall of 2022. Before I started at Future Games I got a bachelor degree in computer science with a specialization in game development at Stockholm University. After finishing school me and some other students founded the company Eight Lives AB and started develop the game Sneaky Kitten with the ambition to release it on Steam and we recently achieved that goal. 

At the core I love to create new worlds and design experience for others. While developing Sneaky Kitten I got to experience all design roles. Because of my technical background from university I naturally ended up taking the role designing and implementing gameplay during my Future Games projects. So I would see myself as a game design generalist, but with most experience in gameplay and level design. However, I'm fine with specializing in one area aswell. 

In my spare time I obviously play a lot of games. I enjoy playing all sorts of games, both story driven single player, to competitive multiplayer games. I have probably played Counter Strike and League of legends the most and is very into esports.

About: Bio


Game Design

  • Prototyping with C#

  • Prototyping with Blueprints

  • Gameplay Design

  • Level Design

  • Narrative Design

Game Engines

  • Unity

  • Unreal


  • Hammer Editor Tool​

  • Blender

  • Trello

  • Github

  • Perforce

  • Miro

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