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A first attempt creating a CS:GO map with Hammer Editor.

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Project I did in my spare time. The purpose was to learn the basics of Hammer tool editor and multiplayer FPS level design. I made an aim map for Counter Strike Global Offensive

This is a solo project I did in my spare time while studying full time. For a long time I have wanted to create maps for CS:GO as this is one of my favorite games. But because I am new to Hammer Editor I wanted the first project to be simple and short where the purpose was to learn the basics of the tool. Therefore I decided to make a basic aim map. Overall i'm happy with the result and a bonus was that a lot of players downloaded the map. I wish I could have worked a little more on the enviroment surrounding the map.

It took about 1 month from opening Hammer Editor Tool for the first time, to publishing the map on steam.

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From a micro perspective the goal of this project was to learn the basic Hammer Editor. However, from a bigger perspective I wanted to grow as an developer, meaning I wanted to become better at actually completing a project. To help with that I spent some time with preproduction. Before the project started I wanted to set up boundaries, some stricter than others, so I would not end up aimlesly doing stuff without a clear purpose.

The boundaries I put on myself for this project was:

  • Must be an aim map.

  • Must be for a specific weapon.

  • It can only be 1 map.

  • Only use models from the editor.

  • Can spend maximum 1 month.

The end goal was to release on Steam workshop and most importantly, I MUST release it regardless of the quality after 1 month.

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First version

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Post Mortem

What I learned during this project:

  • The basics of Hammer Editor.

  • Some Multiplayer FPS level design principles.

  • How to analyze other CS:GO maps

  • How to publish on the Steam Workshop.

  • How to playtest and iterate with the Hammer Editor

I'm very happy with this project. I kept myself to the boundaries that I setup. I learned a lot, even more than I expected. I did not expect anyone except my friends to play the map but it turned out to be so much more. I wish I could have worked more on the background enviroment surrounding that playable area. I also wanted to work more on overall theme and setting for the map. I'm happy how smooth the gameplay felt, which I achieve through looking at the best aim maps and a lot of playtesting.  

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Steam workshop

Link to steam workshop for the map.

Project Documents

Link to all relevant documents I have used during this project. This includes a preproduction, progression, post mortem.

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